Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Passed the 2 Pound Mark

Leo had another fantastic day. With the feeding increased, he's finally over two pounds - 2 lbs 1 oz to be exact! He lost a few ounces when he was born - like most babies - but is now starting to grow. Also, the doctor said he was ready to graduate from the NICU to the ICC ( infant care center). The ICC is currently full, so he'll stay in the NICU until there's space. Providing he stays healthy, his daily goals are to eat and grow for the remainder of his stay.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hanging With Leo

Today we spent most of our day at the NICU with little baby Leo. We got to help change diapers, check Leo's temp, and help him establish sucking skills. The best part was that I got to hold him for over an hour! When he was getting his much needed rest, we spent the time just staring at him. We brought our taxes to do and I brought my grades to finish for school, but never got to any of it...Leo's just too cute! At the end of the evening Leo was quite alert. We feel truly blessed for yet another successful day.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Leo Loves Lying on His Stomach!

Today was yet another great day for Leo. He is most comfortable on his stomach and he spent a lot of time sucking his thumb today! The doctor moved him up to continuous feeding, so he is constantly getting milk through a feeding tube. As long as his stomach takes this gradual increase of feeding, he should soon start gaining some weight.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Successful Day

Leo is eight days old today.  They took out the last remaining tube from his ambilical cord today so it is easier for us to hold him now.  His feeding also increased again today, and he seems to be processing the food successfully.  All the lovely thoughts and prayers from our friends and family have truely helped us and Leo.  Thanks for all of your support!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leo Was Alert Today!

Today, Leo loved to make eye contact with me and Dave.  I got to do Kangaroo Care (when Leo gets to snuggle with mom skin-to-skin) and Dave perfected his feeding skills by helping Leo learn how to suck and keep his tongue down in preparation for feeding.  The doctor only had good news again today, and increased the amount of milk he gets at each feeding!

Flashback from day 2

Here's Leo basking in the sun. One of my favorites. Makes me laugh every time. I did tell him that despite what he may think, he actually lives in a cold climate!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Day! Great Progress!

It was a day of positives.  Today Leo had a brain ultrasound that is always ordered for preemies at one week old to check for bleeding.  He passed with flying colors.  He also graduated from his larger CPap machine to just a little oxygen through the nose.  The old machine required Leo to wear a hat, so we were so excited to see his head of hair and he seemed to be more content not having to wear the larger one.  Leo loves to grab things with his hands, and as I was there helping change his diaper this afternoon, he grabbed his nose piece and ripped it off.  He now has to wear little mittens.  The nurse loves working with him, and really like his feisty attitude.  Another great thing that happened today was they were able to start feeding him my breast milk. They currently feed him through a feeding tube, but hopefully he will graduate to full feeding in the next couple of weeks.  We, along with the doctors and nurses, are very impressed with all the progress Leo makes each day

Monday, March 25, 2013

A first look at Leo

Leo Steven Keane
March 20, 2013
1 lb. 14 oz.
15 inches long

How it all Began...

The journey to motherhood was shortened when I developed preeclampsia around the 27th week of my pregnancy.  I had been having issues with high blood pressure for a while before that. I began to feel rather sick and my blood pressure became really high.  I was admitted to the hospital, and there they were able to lower my blood pressure.  After spending the night, I left the hospital two steroid shots later(which I learned later is one of the reasons Leo is doing so great) and instructions to stay on bed rest until baby Keane enters this world. I thought I had at least a month...we all knew it would be early, but we didn't anticipate that I would get sick so fast.  At week , 28.5 weeks my body began to shut down and my blood pressure could not be stabilized, I was readmitted to the hospital.  That's when, at 5 AM I was told that Baby Keane would be entering this world.  We were so nervous, as that is REALLY early to have a baby.  With the support of my husband, David, we managed to prep for surgery and attempt to process what we had been told.  There were so many people in the operating room and Leo Steven Keane was successfully born at 9:57 AM on March 20, 2013.  A real "spring chicken" hatching before his time - 11.5 weeks before his time to be exact.  They whisked him away quickly, and Dave was able to follow him to the NICU.  I had to wait about an hour to see Leo.  Our little miracle baby has a lot of growing to do, but with help of the wonderful and loving NICU staff, our families, and friends,  let his journey begin...